Denair Charter Academy Overview

Denair Charter Academy Overview

Denair Charter Academy (DCA) is an accredited k-12 public school serving students in Stanislaus County and surrounding counties.  We are an independent studies school for grades 9-12, and homeschool for grades k-8.  Our total student body is about 160 students.
Families choose DCA because of our small class sizes of 5-14 students per class, our flexibility in scheduling, and our individual learning plans tailored to each student's individual needs.  DCA students feel safe, supported, and empowered.  Our pathways include:  college prep (A-G), careers (CTE such as law enforcement, healthcare, food services, and IT), diploma, and reduced credits diploma.  Students may attend for an extra senior year if needed for credit recovery.  
Our Indvidual Learning Plans (ILPs) include:
  • a weekly one hour meeting, one-on-one with an assigned teacher/casemanager (in-person or virtual)
  • independent studies courses
  • options for onsite core classes or fun electives (such as Math Class or Ceramics)
  • options for clubs
  • interventions/supports if needed
  • credit recovery options of extra classes, Cyber High, summer school or an extra year if needed
We also have supports for social emotional health such as counseling, workshops, and clubs.
Like traditional schools, we have prom, family nights, awards ceremonies and graduation ceremonies.  The difference is that DCA operates more like a small college due to the individuality of each student's education.

Denair Unified School District Mission Statement

Denair Unified School District empowers tomorrow's leaders through exemplary instruction and powerful innovative programs. Our exceptional school environments are the best educational choice for all students. 

Denair Charter Academy Mission Statement

Denair Charter Academy is based on the belief that each student can succeed and deserves an education that is rigorous and well-defined. Denair Charter Academy provides personalized instruction through Individual learning plans so students can receive meaningful individual attention. The academy’s approach to teaching and learning is to seek and match the student’s educational experiences to his or her identified abilities, interests, motivation, learning style and
demonstrated achievement.