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DCA family night in September 2023.  Student and homeschool teachers doing math brainteasers.
K-8 Homeschool Program

K-8 Homeschool Program

Denair Charter Academy (DCA) has a K-8 Homeschool Program. Students will be assigned a credentialed teacher to be the Homeschool Advisor. Each advisor will provide the parent with weekly lesson plans, curriculum, keep track of attendance and grades, and administer state testing. The child will attend an in person class, one day a week. While on the DCA campus the student will experience a traditional classroom setting. This includes, music class, hands on science, library time, along with teacher led assessments and enrichment. The child will be able to interact with a class of less than 15 students. The other 4 days of the week, the parent will be the child’s teacher at home.  The homeschool advisor will provide curriculum and daily lesson plans for the parent to follow. It is essential that as the homeschooling teacher the parent is actively involved in the day to day activities of your child’s education. We can’t wait to meet you, please call to set up your orientation appointment!