Family night with high school clubs and classes

Family night with high school clubs and classestitle

teachers interacting with students during a craft at family night.
Picture of Family night with the high school teachers
Photo of counselors and clubs at family night
High School Independent Study Program

High School Independent Study Program

Our high school independent study program requires students to attend school 1 hour a week.  Students may stay on campus longer each week, but are not required to.  During the one hour appointment with their teacher the teacher and student are reviewing all the work that the student is turning in and reviewing the new assignments for the following week.  Students must attend each appointment with their school work completed.  Each student will have between 5 and 7 classes in which they are enrolled.  Although the student only comes on campus for 1 hour each week, the student will have about 25 hours of school work that they must complete independently.  On campus we have an intervention teacher that the student can make an appointment with or a quiet place to work in Room 1.  We do offer onsite core classes where the student can take a core class such as Algebra 1, Biology or US History instead of completing the coursework independently, as well as elective classes such as Music, Floral, or Ceramics.  We also offer clubs such as PHAST (anti-tobacco) or Love-in-Action where students can participate with other students with a non academic focus.    Every staff member cares about the success of each student and wants the student to be successful, but this program is only successful if the student will self advocate and seek out help when needed.